True North Church is a non-denominational church in Milton that offers inspirational and practical Biblical teaching that connects with people of all ages, races, and walks of life. We are a Jesus-centred church that loves sharing Who Jesus is, how much He loves us, and what He did for mankind.

Our motto is "Pursue God, Love People, Navigate Life". We believe that God is good and that He wants to bless, help, heal, restore and release people’s potential. 

Weekend services are geared to inspire and equip the individual as well as the whole family. Our exciting True North Kids children’s ministry is provided during all Sunday services. Our adult worship service is known for its engaging worship and clear teaching from the Bible. 


If you attend True North, you will learn how to put your faith in Christ personally and follow Him intentionally. We will teach you how to have a thriving relationship with Jesus by enjoying prayer, Bible study, and the help of Holy Spirit as He empowers you in life. God desires for you to know Him in a very real way - in a relationship, not as a religion

If you have questions, a prayer request, or want more information on how to get connected - simply fill out a Connect Card on Sunday or speak to one of the Pastors directly after any service. They would love to meet you! You can also click here to contact them directly at the church office.


We think church should be a joyous experience. Life is short – church should be fun! Faith, hope, and love are contagious here and Sundays at True North are a great way to start the week. We hope to see you soon!

Our Name


In navigational terms, “true north” is north according to the earth’s axis, not magnetic north. It’s the direction of the North Pole relative to the navigator’s position; an unchanging point of reference and grounding. In other words, true north never wavers. If a traveler lost his way, finding true north would help him find his way home.

In life, all of us are travelers who need spiritual direction whether we realize it or not. We weren’t meant to live small lives, always searching for more, never finding what really satisfies us. At our core, we want to truly know God and find the purpose for our lives. When you place your faith in Jesus Christ and establish His Word as your unchanging point of reference and grounding, He’ll help you find your way home - home to Him…home to heaven one day…and home to His blessings in your everyday life right now.

The #1 thing we believe God wants our church to communicate to those we reach is, "welcome home".

True North Church is a place where we enjoy life’s journey together, worship Jesus together, and allow Him to be our spiritual “true north”. In every True North gathering, we believe Jesus is helping us honestly locate where we are in life and adjust our journeys accordingly. He’ll help you find your way home too and navigate the life you were meant to live.

Welcome home.